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About Us

Collaborating to create more liveable, inclusive communities

Community Solutions Network

The Community Solutions Network is a new platform for communities to connect and build a national centre of excellence in open smart cities. A program of Future Cities Canada, the Network is a community-centric platform, serving every type of Canadian community: big, mid-sized, Indigenous, small and northern.

As the project lead, Evergreen is working with OpenNorth and partners to provide valuable information, learning opportunities and advisory services in key areas of data and technology for municipal and community leaders, helping to improve the lives of residents.

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How we work with you

We make information about issues and approaches related to smart cities available and accessible to everyone. We provide advice and share knowledge, lessons learned and best practices about complex and emerging challenges and experiences in Canada and around the world (eg. data management, privacy and security).

We help communities connect with the right people and find the right partners. We tap into existing networks or create new ones, facilitating connections and acting as matchmakers between communities and stakeholders from all sectors.

Our team

Evergreen – Project Lead

Evergreen is helping make cities flourish. Cities that are low carbon, inclusive to all and sustainable at their core. Cities to live, move, work, play, learn and thrive in.

Since 1991, we’ve been facilitating change. Working with other city builders to convene, collaborate and catalyze ideas into action. Our teams connect with many stakeholders to lead with a mindset focused on solutions. We collaborate to develop innovative ideas and catalyze change by testing solutions, developing prototypes and scaling projects.

Through its award-winning suite of programs, Evergreen actively engages Canadians in creating and sustaining healthy urban environments in schools, public spaces, housing and transit systems, and communities themselves.

Flourishing cities start here – at a site, in a neighbourhood, on the ground – where spaces become great places, and have a real and lasting impact, creating a better world for all.

OpenNorth – Lead Technical Partner

Founded in 2011, OpenNorth started as a small Montreal-based nonprofit with expertise in open data and civic technology. Today OpenNorth’s growing interdisciplinary team leads national and international multi-stakeholder partnerships on implementing values-driven approaches and solutions that do more than just utilize data and networked infrastructure to make decisions. OpenNorth now has three streams of activities: the one-to-one advisory services for open smart cities and communities, the multi-disciplinary Applied Research Lab (ARL), and its global/local international program. OpenNorth works with a wide diversity of innovative and connected public administrations and community stakeholders to build their efficient, ethical, and collaborative use of data and technology to solve complex problems. They equally sustain global peer-to-peer networks for knowledge sharing that improves smart and open governance practices for citizens across Canada and the world.

Over the years, OpenNorth’s work in open data has addressed both policy and operational levels of government, domestically and internationally. OpenNorth built some of Canada’s first open data portals and was a key actor in mobilizing and growing Canada’s open data community.

OpenNorth has worked with organizations at the municipal level, such as with Canada’s Municipal Information Systems Association (MISA), the City of Toronto (to create the City of Toronto Open Data Master Plan, and more recently the City of Montreal (to create the Ville de Montréal Plan d’action données ouvertes). OpenNorth has also worked further up levels of jurisdiction, including the Province of Ontario’s International Open Data Charter Stakeholder Advisory Group, the International Development Research Centre (Canada), and various ministries within the Government of Canada. It has also worked internationally, such as a current sub-grant with the National Democratic Institute where it is working to train government and civil society organizations in planning and implementation of public consultations.

For general program inquiries

Robin Buxton

Robin Buxton Potts

Officer, Community Engagement, Evergreen

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