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Image: Visitors walking around Evergreen Brickworks.

What we offer

Collaborating to create more liveable, inclusive communities

Community Solutions Network

The Community Solutions Network is a new platform for communities to connect and build a national centre of excellence in open smart cities. A program of Future Cities Canada, the Network is a community-centric platform, serving every type of Canadian community: big, mid-sized, Indigenous, small and northern.

As the project lead, Evergreen is working with OpenNorth and partners to provide valuable information, learning opportunities and advisory services in key areas of data and technology for municipal and community leaders, helping to improve the lives of residents.

How we work with you

We make information about open smart cities issues and approaches available and accessible to everyone. We provide advice and share knowledge, lessons learned and best practices related to complex 21st-century issues affecting Canada and the world, from data privacy to food security.

We help communities talk to the right people and find the right partners. We tap into existing networks or create new ones, facilitating connections and conducting active matchmaking between communities and stakeholders.

What is an Open Smart City?

An Open Smart City is where all sectors and residents collaborate in mobilizing data and technologies to develop their communities through fair, ethical, and transparent governance that balances economic development, social progress, and environmental responsibility.

For general program inquiries

Justine Lemoine

Project Coordinator, Evergreen