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Learn, connect and engage with other community leaders

We provide advisory and capacity-building resources to support communities of all sizes, in regions across the country.

What's coming up?

During this time, the most pressing issues that cities and communities face – housing affordability, climate change, racial justice, mental wellness, income inequality, access to nature – are intensified.   

We know it is of utmost importance to bring leaders and innovators from across sectors to tackle these issues and share the inspiration and optimism needed to create a more resilient and sustainable future, together.  

Led by Evergreen and hosted by Future Cities Canada, #UnexpectedSolutions is a collaborative platform that harnesses the momentum for change already in progress in cities. By bringing together people, ideas, platforms and innovations from across sectors, we address inequality and climate change, and their impact on our cities.

As a convener, Future Cities Canada is hosting a season of #UnexpectedSolutions. Tap into the tools, workshops, and wisdom from across Canada and around the world. 

2020 is a year of change. This critical work starts with us and within our own organizations.

The Network’s Virtual Collision Days are match-matching and capacity-building events that connect emerging technology companies with community leaders. Through these virtual regionally-focused events across the country, start-ups will get the valuable feedback so critical in the early development stages, while community leaders will have the chance to preview the technologies under development that may help serve the needs of their residents.

Through peer-to-peer knowledge exchange and access to key resources on topics related to the future of smart cities, participants will gain valuable tools and create the important connections to advance their community’s needs.

Focus areas include such topics as security, data, procurement, governance, resiliency, and public engagement, to be applied to the unique challenges identified in each region.

If you're a municipal or community leader interested in attending this virtual event, please email us here.

We offer various types of events


Idea Camps

Idea Camps represent a series of regional events that bring together mid- and senior- level municipal staff and Indigenous leaders to build capacity in the areas of open data, governance and public engagement.

Through expert training, peer-to-peer learning, and applying concepts to local case studies, participants learn about emerging trends, issues and approaches in open smart cities, as well as best practices and lessons learned. Participants will leave with toolkits and practical concepts to advance work locally.

Collision Days

Collision Days build critical evaluation skills within participants by connecting them with technical service providers.

Through these events, start-ups will get the valuable feedback so critical in the early development stages, while community leaders will get the chance to preview the technologies under development that may help serve the needs of their residents.

Participants, including mid- and senior-level municipal staff and Indigenous leaders, will be invited to attend the collision days and bring with them their communities’ specific challenges.

Community Roundtables

Roundtable events bring together local municipal staff and Indigenous leaders in six Indigenous, rural, remote, or northern regions across the country.

Participants exchange key learnings and best practices about emerging trends, issues, and approaches in open smart cities, and create important connections with their peers in similar-sized communities.

Indigenous Community Roundtables

The Indigenous Community Roundtables will provide a convening space, programming and learning opportunities for Inuit, First Nations and Métis community leads, cross-sectoral advisors and innovators to learn, share and connect on how relevant smart technology, data and innovation solutions can be harnessed and paired with local cultural frameworks and social innovation to tackle complex challenges facing communities in urban, rural and remote regions of Canada.

The Indigenous Community Roundtables aim to be centered on, and driven by the current challenges and needs of regional communities and to attempt to bridge between local problems, smart cities learning and opportunities, and the most relevant learning and solution pathways, tools and networks. The Roundtables are designed to build awareness, and provide peer-to-peer learning and customized skills to support and enable the specific local issue of each community in the areas of: problem finding, application of relevant and culturally-informed smart technology and innovation solutions, data governance, and community engagement. The broader aim of the Indigenous Community Roundtables is to advance and Inuit/First Nations/Métis vision and agenda on smart technology and innovation throughout Canada.

November 2019

Future Cities Canada Summit

The second annual Future Cities Canada Summit will take place in November 2019, bringing together community leaders and urban innovators from every corner of the country.