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Automation Across the Nation: Understanding the potential impacts of technological trends across Canada

What does rapidly advancing technology mean for Canadian regional economies, especially those identified as most susceptible to automation?

The advent and rapid adoption of new technologies, such as machine learning and advanced robotics, have resurfaced concerns over technology eliminating jobs. Many now worry that more jobs are at risk than ever before. The goal of this data insights report is to begin to map the uneven distribution of risks and benefits associated with automation, and to uncover some of the regional tensions that exist between innovation driven growth and inclusive growth in Canada.

Technological trends come with benefits and risks. On the one hand, they should be viewed as a major driver of economic growth and prosperity. On the other, technology poses potential risks – notably for workers responsible for job tasks that can now be automated. As a large, economically diverse country, Canada will experience an uneven distribution of the risks of technological trends. This data insights report begins to identify how susceptible Canada’s different regional economies to automation.


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