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Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge: Catching Up with the Winners

This session was presented as part of Future Cities Canada: #UnexpectedSolutions. 

Stéphane Guidoin, Montreal Urban Innovation Lab (LIUM); Barb Swartzen-Truber, Executive Director, Smart Cities, City of Guelph; Ryan Oliver, CEO of Pinnguaq Association, a 1/4 partner of the Katinnganiq Makerspace Network project; Leon de Vreede, Sustainability Planner, Town of Bridgewater; Jenny Tremblay, Director General, Infrastructure Canada

Catch up with the winners of the first round of the Smart Cities Challenge and learn from their experiences and insights since being announced winners of the Challenge in May 2019. The winning teams from Montreal (QC), Guelph and Wellington County (ON), Bridgewater (NS) and the Katinnganiq Makerspace Network (Nunavut) take part in a 90-minute panel discussion, and Q&A session with the winners. Don’t miss this chance to get an inside look at their exciting Smart Cities journeys!

Additional resource: 
Smart City Toolkit by the University of Ottawa:
This toolkit can help communities understand tech and data opportunities that make sense for their needs.


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  • Monique Nesset, Smart City Lead, The City of Calgary   Dec 16, 2020

    Hi there, could you post a link to the Smart Cities Toolkit mentioned at the end of the video? Thanks

    • Laetitia, ,    Jan 6, 2021

      Hello Monique, thank you for your comment. You can access the Smart Cities Toolkit here: