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Connecting Canada: Missing Pieces in Broadband Equity

This session was presented as part of Future Cities Canada: The Summit.

Ken Sanderson, Executive Director, Teach for Canada; Gerald Thunderbird-Sky, IT Manager, Sioux Valley Dakota Nation and DakotaNET; Joe Moses, Principal, JM Development Solutions; Amedeo Bernardi, Founder, Canada’s Rural and Remote Broadband Community (CRRBC)

High speed internet is essential across all sectors and increasingly crucial for quality of life, yet Canada’s geography shows clear gaps in equitable access. From remote, northern and Indigenous communities to small towns and rural areas, many areas of Canada face challenges related to connectivity that have been exacerbated in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Experts in broadband connectivity and community leaders come together to explore how awareness, capacity, and partnerships can be built around launching and financing broadband networks in rural areas. What barriers do smaller communities face in contrast to urban centres and established providers?

This session offers a Q&A as an opportunity for communities to ask questions and share stories, while panelists discuss solutions.


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