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Creating Digital Opportunity for Canada

Identifying strengths in digital sectors by examining the place of Canadian corporations, products and services in the global economy.

The pace of the digital revolution is accelerating. A critical feature of this revolution — and one propelling the acceleration — is the rapid spread of mobile devices, cloud computing and data analytics, which has shifted the focus of innovation from hardware to software and data. This project is investigating the extent to which digital technologies are being adopted and diffused across a wide range of other sectors—from advanced manufacturing to natural resources and business services – which are crucial for the future competitiveness of the Canadian economy. The project addresses the question whether we are taking full advantage of the opportunities on offer. 

As Canada seeks to harness the unfolding digital revolution as a driver of future growth, three questions stand out:

  • What are our competitive strengths in digital technology? 
  • Given those strengths, where do the best opportunities lie to grow Canadian companies to global scale? 
  • What role should government play in supporting the digital economy?


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