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Cree Nation of Eastmain - Final Proposal 2019

The Smart Cities Challenge is a pan-Canadian competition open to all municipalities, local or regional governments, and Indigenous communities (First Nations, Métis and Inuit). The Challenge empowers communities to adopt a smart cities approach to improve the lives of their residents through innovation, data and connected technology.

Download and review the Cree Nation of Eastmain's application to the Smart Cities Challenge.

Prize category: $5 million
Name of community: Cree Nation of Eastmain
Province: Quebec
Population: 866
Indigenous community: Yes

Challenge statement

"Improving community Well-being"

Our community will develop an affordable Net Zero Energy Housing Program, offering culturally appropriate designs, using smart technologies, innovative building techniques and alternative energy systems in order to address the housing shortage crisis, the poor-quality and costly construction of houses in Eastmain and Indigenous communities across Canada.


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