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Financing Community Broadband

Financing Community Broadband is the second installment of this suite of toolkits designed to support small communities across Canada for whom community broadband may be a good option for improving connectivity. 

After reading the first toolkit of this series Getting Started With Community Broadband, you likely already know that broadband can make a big difference for your community. The big price tag, however, is a common barrier for smaller communities seeking to improve their connectivity. 

This new toolkit is best used to Understand options for financing and prospective funding streams are important to moving forward with a viable and sustainable project. While community broadband comes with a range of costs, there is also a cost to not bringing broadband into your community, including reduced economic opportunities, and limited access to health care, educational opportunities and social connectivity.

Getting a sense of the potential costs associated with implementing and operating community broadband can help you paint a complete picture of what you will need to make it happen. Exploring financing and creating a plan can also set the stage for developing partnerships and business models for your community broadband project. 

The Financing Community Broadband toolkit is intended to support you and your team with potential costs, financing approaches, and funding options to help you develop your plan for financing your project. It includes easy-to-use, actionable tools to help you make improved community broadband a reality. These tools cover three main themes:

1. Exploring Broadband Costs
2. Shaping Your Financing Approach
3. Reviewing Grant Options

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