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In Our Hands: Community Centred Food System Responses to the Global Pandemic and Beyond

This session was presented as part of Future Cities Canada: #UnexpectedSolutions. 

Leslie Campbell, Senior Coordinator, Special Projects, FoodShare Toronto; Melana Roberts, Chair, Food Secure Canada; Arzeena Hamir, Organic Farmer, Amara Farm & Farmers for Climate Solutions; Jane Rabinowicz, Executive Director, SeedChange

The pandemic has brought food systems into sharp focus, in particular that it’s vital for people – producers, sellers, consumers – to have agency to shape food systems to meet personal and community needs. And, for policy to support this community-based leadership. How can we ensure people and communities are central to food systems? What impact will this have on building more resilient cities? Join a conversation with experts Melana Roberts, Arzeena Hamir, Leslie Campbell, and moderator Jane Rabinowicz as we explore prioritizing community agency to build sustainable and equitable food systems in Canada.


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