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Smart Cities Index Report: Analysis of 10 Global Smart Cities

Smart city performance measurement index as a tool for a successful smart city development and implementation

This report was prepared as a part of the Korea Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning’s Open Smart City Test-bed Development Project with SK Telecom and Busan Metropolitan City. Its goal is to provide insights into global smart city practices and examine how cities foster their innovation through advanced Information & Communication Technology.

This report will introduce the Smart City Index based on South Korea’s knowledge and experience, as well as review 10 Global Smart Cities (Amsterdam, Barcelona, Busan, Helsinki, London, New York City, Paris, San Francisco, Seoul, Singapore). Based on the analysis of 676 apps, web services, 116 infrastructure services, and 238 projects, we are confident that the developed smart city Index will provide invaluable insights not only to South Korea, but also to other countries and cities that are seeking to establish smart cities in various regions.
We believe that the smart city Index plays a significant role in this process and in the achievement of city goals and objectives. The index could be used as a tool for identifying the opportunities and challenges posed to government officials, citizens, city representatives and private sectors. Nonetheless, there is currently no globally unified Smart City Index being used for smart city development and implementation.


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