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Paris Smart and Sustainable

Make Paris an open, connected and sustainable city by 2020.

Cities did not wait for the 21st century to become smart. Their layouts, density and architecture have made them centers of urban ingenuity for centuries. If major cities must be smarter than ever, it is because they are facing difficulties on an unprecedented scale.

New challenges of unprecedented scale have led to unprecedented urban transformation. This transformation must be conducted with increasingly demanding and informed citizens. This is the challenge of smart cities, which must be more than just digital cities: they are places in which technology serves humans, contributes to include it in the life of the city for the associate with the creation of the public service and the political decision. The smart and sustainable city that will face the global challenges of this century without trembling, is a resilient city, based on a coherent and reasoned energy management, where all the inhabitants can freely participate in the construction of the future.

This possible city of the future lies in the construction of services, uses and common goods that meet the basic needs of its inhabitants and their quest for well-being. It is an innovation approach based on a global and systemic vision of the city in the medium and long term to develop citizens' quality of life, bringing together three major levers to transform life in the city: developing the social and create value, reinvent urban infrastructures, rely on technological revolutions and digital technology in particular.

This report, Paris Smart and Sustainable, is a bearer of a commitment for Parisians, for visitors, today and tomorrow, for generations to come. The commitment to build the Paris of tomorrow, open, connected and sustainable, today and every day.


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