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Partnering for Success with Community Broadband

Partnering for Success with Community Broadband is the third installment of this suite of toolkits designed to support small communities across Canada for whom community broadband may be a good option for improving connectivity. 

After reading the first and second toolkits of this series Getting Started With Community Broadband, you likely already know how vital connectivity is for your community. Building the right partnerships can be a critical element in making community broadband a reality. Knowing the options for who you might need or want to work with, along with how to foster an effective relationship, can help build capacity for your project’s design, implementation and operational teams.

Considering partnerships and their many facets can be invaluable and is sometimes required when applying for funding. Understanding partnerships can also help shape your initiative’s business model for both the short and the long term. Masha Zager, from Broadband Communities, notes that “delivering high-performance broadband requires an array of assets, skills and legal capacities that aren’t always found in one place” and for this reason “partnership has become an increasingly popular strategy." The Partnering for Success with Community Broadband toolkit is intended to support you and your team in exploring partnership options, along with tangible ways to make them successful for your own unique context. It includes easy-to-use, actionable tools for you to work through and to support your initiative of making improved community broadband a reality.

These tools cover three main themes:

1. Partner Options
2. Guidelines for Great Partnerships
3. Choosing Your Partners

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