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Resilient Cities, Post COVID-19 series

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Evergreen asks: How will COVID-19 change the future of cities?

We explore what COVID-19 could mean for the future of Canadian cities. The hope is that this work unearths promising steps toward re-opening our cities, mitigating future risks and impacts, and seizing opportunities presented by this crisis to build truly equitable and resilient cities. 

As a first step towards this, we reached out to city-builders and community leaders from across the country for their perspectives on this question: How will COVID-19 change the future of cities?

In the first of this series, we’re focusing on strengthening communities. Identify weaknesses in our current social systems; uplift vulnerable populations and reinforce social connections and supports that allow all Canadian residents to thrive.

In this second installment, we’re focusing on rewriting policy. Revisit policies that prevent our cities and communities from flourishing; define a bold new vision for our cities based on promising global policy and emergent policy innovations in crisis response.

In the third article of the series, we’re focusing on accelerating innovation. Embrace change and remove barriers that slow experimentation, testing, and adoption of promising new city-building approaches. 

In the fourth and last of this series, we’re focusing on urban planning and how the design of our cities may shift in response to COVID-19 and the many inequities it has laid bare. 


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