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Building Community Resilience


Innovative citizen projects to be incubated to address the societal challenges exacerbated by the pandemic

In the midst of the pandemic, the Maison de l’innovation sociale (MIS) launched a call to host projects with a socio-environmental impact led by Montrealers within its Civic Incubator program. 


Resilient Cities, Post COVID-19: Accelerating Innovation


Made-In-BC Software Improves Child Health Access During COVID

The software uses video technology to connect patients to pediatric specialists at a time when many doctors’ offices are limiting in-person visits due to the COVID-19 crisis.


Medical Innovation Xchange partners with Ontario Government to assist companies to retool

The Medical Innovation Xchange (MIX), a healthtech hub based in Kitchener-Waterloo, is partnering with the Government of Ontario to offer free advisory services to companies retooling their manufacturing facilities to create medical supplies.


Covid-19 Will Accelerate the AI Health Care Revolution

Disease diagnosis, drug discovery, robot delivery—artificial intelligence is already powering change in the pandemic’s wake.


Northern Ontario mine-tech company seeking partner to test COVID-tracing software

MineIQ’s subscription-based software aggregates real-time data collected by sensors throughout a mine operation.With some tweaking, the platform can trace COVID-19 infections.


Minds behind pandemic predicting algorithm already thinking about future beyond COVID-19

Canadian Researcher shares how data and artificial intelligence can provide a bird's-eye view of diseases around the globe in real time, letting people move faster to quash new outbreaks.


Software tool built by U of T startup shares genetic data with COVID-19 researchers around the world

DNAstack's search engine scans and indexes genomic information about the virus from scientists from around the world, making it possible to share and discover knowledge about the genetics of the virus in real time.


Kitchener tech hub helping Ontario businesses meet COVID-19 needs

Medical Innovation Xchange has partnered with the province to help support companies tasked with building the tools needed to fight COVID-19.

Blog post

How Smart City Planning Could Slow Future Pandemics

The Covid-19 crisis is an opportunity to rethink how cities are designed—and make them better equipped to stop disease from spreading. 


How COVID-19 will reshape our world

Experts in technology, transportation, education and healthcare weigh in on how the pandemic will change the way we live, work and study.


Resilient Cities, Post COVID-19: Rewriting Policy

What could COVID-19 mean for the future of Canadian cities? Future Cities Canada reached out to city-builders and community leaders from across the country for their perspectives.


Open Call: Helping governments move at the speed of need

Code for Canada is part of a new initiative that’s helping Canadian governments build digital services for residents and businesses during COVID-19.


Resilient Cities, Post COVID-19

Evergreen, Future Cities Canada and many others are beginning to explore what COVID-19 could mean for the future of Canadian cities. As a first step towards this, we reached out to city-builders and community leaders from across the country for their perspectives on this question: How will COVID-19 change the future of cities?  


Developers building a contact-tracing app hope to prevent second wave of COVID-19

A team at the University of Waterloo are working to develop an app that tracks COVID-19 infections using Bluetooth technology, allowing doctors to notify people who have come within proximity of an infected person.


University of Alberta researchers develop online tool to map COVID-19 data

A group of researchers at the University of Alberta have developed an interactive online tool to help map the virus.


Empower Health launches online resource for COVID-19 updates

Empower Health launches an online resource and interactive map that shows the most up-to-date and detailed  information about the locations of all confirmed and recovered cases of COVID-19 in communities across Canada.


Online platform connects independent and contract care workers with long-term care facilities in need

Ontario grown BookJane is the technology solution meeting the high-demand for healthcare workers in long-term care facilities fighting COVID-19.


DNAstack Launches COVID-19 Beacon to Accelerate Sharing Genomic Data

Launched by Toronto-based DNAstack, this beacon will enable the scientific and medical communities to share and discover knowledge about the genetics of the virus in real time.


University of Saskatchewan engineers develop 3D-printable N95 mask

A University of Saskatchewan engineering team is using 3D printers to design a comfortable, reusable and sanitizable N95 class respirator mask.


Calgary company develops employee software for food companies to prevent COVID-19 outbreaks

A Calgary-based company has developed software for essential food companies to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 among staff and the public by tracking daily digital logs of symptoms and exposure factors.


B.C. launches COVID-19 support app

The B.C. government has launched a COVID-19 support app to help provide residents with the latest information on the ongoing pandemic.


City of Vancouver launches Covid-19 dashboard

The dashboard enables citizens to take an “inside look” at a number of key metrics and service areas that have been activated during the public health emergency. 


Quebec’s 3D printers are ready and willing to help fight COVID-19

Across Quebec, 3D printing companies are active and working to fight the coronavirus.These printers are used to make prototypes of masks and visors; valves; devices for opening doors without using one's hands; and other medical equipment for hospitals.


World Health Organization, Facebook, Microsoft team up in COVID-19 hackathon

#BuildforCOVID19 focuses on the development of technology of value during the coronavirus outbreak.


Newly-launched COVID-19 Monitor reveals Canadians largely heeding public health advice, though confidence in government response varies

 Data scientists at Vox Pop Labs have launched the COVID-19 Monitor.