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Image: In an academic, group setting, a woman speaks to other peers.


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The Future (of City Building) is Female

Women are now more than ever leading, collaborating and driving change in their communities. Here are seven women who are inspiring us.


Circularity in cities is about equity, too

Getting to design cities of the future will go through equity thinking too. Sharing could be the key to a more climate friendly and inclusive city growth. 


City dilemma: Making smart tech work citywide with limited funds

Cities and tech companies are eager to make the leap to larger-scale smart-city technology projects. But can they work with limited funds? 


Indigenous Innovation Webinar

In Canada, Indigenous Peoples have always been inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs and they still provide unique solutions and perspectives to present-day challenges and opportunities.


Indigenous Women in Tech

Most of the time Indigenous women in the tech industry are the only woman in the room and almost always the only Indigenous woman. As they are under-represented in the tech industry Animikii made a list of women who are changing the field.


Tealbook to Help Establish AI-Powered Indigenous Entrepreneur Community

As a new virtual marketplace and community (Tealbook) is set to launch soon, it is working to help Indigenous entrepreneurs to have equal access to procurement contracts.


Animikii Raises $1M to Scale Social Impact Through Indigenous Technology

Largest investment of its kind into an Indigenous technology social enterprise. Investment led by Raven Indigenous Capital Partners with additional financing from BDC.


Group will use $10M prize to teach tech skills across Nunavut

Pinnguaq partnership to create a network of makerspace hubs in communities.


Winners announcement

The four winners of the Canadian Smart Cities Challenge were announced on May 14, 2019 in Ottawa.


Monetizing Smart Cities: Framing the debate

A debate is developing in Canada about who will control and profit from the massive volume of data generated by smart cities in the future. The stakes are high for two reasons: this data holds large financial value and it will have a huge impact on citizen life in cities.