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Health & Wellbeing


Access and analyze trusted COVID-19 (Coronavirus) global data

With the rapid spread of the COVID-19 respiratory illness around the world, data and facts are essential for public understanding and an organized response.


Inuit Food Insecurity in Canada

Addressing food insecurity in Inuit communities is a complex challenge.


The power of Data

When thinking about improving health in a community, data is not necessary the first thing to come to mind. But when well used, it can help communities influence change and provides them with a way into the conversation about how they want to effect that change.


The fallout of smart cities is social isolation

Technology leads to reduction in human contacts and face-to face dealings and the loss of spontaneity and personal decision-making in daily life, increasing social isolation.


How Smart Cities are Making their Citizens Healthier

If the power of technology in the transformation of transportation and infrastructure systems in cities is a given, it can also tackle health and environmental challenges associated with city living.


How Can Smart Cities Improve the Health and Wellness of Citizens?

As the urban population is getting older, health management is a key issue for smart cities in the future. Proactively addressing health and wellness issues can be done using Smart Cities Solutions.


Smart Cities Improve The Health Of Their Citizens

This article intends to explore two questions: how can Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, and systems engineering enable people to address the area of health in cities and what are the business implications of these?