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Housing & Social Services


Affordable housing is not just a big city problem

58 per cent of people living in Atlantic Canadian cities report that their neighbourhood is less affordable compared to five to 10 years ago.


Remote communities are turning to renewable energy systems

Communities pivot away from fossil fuels for heat and electricity generation.


Tech - Yes, Tech - Can Solve The Root Issues Of Homelessness

Apps and digital platforms have solved everything from how we hail rides to find dates. It can also be leveraged to address root causes of homelessness. Here are some solutions working today.


Could co-operative housing be a solution for greener, sustainable living?

See examples of co-operative, intentional living working in urban and rural communities.


A proven way to end homelessness in Canada

5 Canadian cities test the emerging Housing First model and help over 1,000 people move into safe, stable and affordable housing, with many remaining a decade later.


We Need a New Deal for Affordable Housing

The current crisis makes it clear - if there was ever a moment to seize in advocating for the building of more affordable housing, this is it.


Let’s Fill Our Cities With Taller, Wooden Buildings

Planting trees to ponder carbon dioxide is a known strategy, could the next step be wooden buildings ?


Indigenous Architecture in Canada: A Step Towards Reconciliation

Using architecture as a tool for reconciliation could lead to social change when engaging in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission calls to action.


5 design trends that will shape future cityscapes

A new Gensler report anticipates how urban challenges like climate change, health care and airport traffic will influence future city designs.


Can a city solve homelessness with an app?

As cities deploy community-facing apps to alleviate homelessness, questions linger around who the tech is intended to benefit.


Emotional response to city design could guide urban planning

Scenario-testing models are being built to help urban planners and architects to see the impact of their designs.


The ‘parasitic’ homes that could change cities

As urban centres face housing shortages and skyrocketing prices, parasitic structures could open the door to a whole new way of living in cities.


Indigenous Homes Innovation Initiative

The Indigenous Homes Innovation Initiative is based on the idea that the best solutions come from those who live the problem every day. The Initiative aims to tap into this understanding and inspire Indigenous peoples to propose and develop effective solutions. 


Low-tech solutions to smart city challenges: Addressing social isolation in our cities

Social isolation is a growing challenge with real economic impacts. It is even linked to higher rates of mortality – about the equivalent of smoking 15 cigarettes a day.