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Policy & Governance


Partnerships are essential for smart cities to make a difference for citizens

Creating new citizen experience thanks to new services is at the core of smart cities. To make it work, partnerships are a key component for success, not only on a financial point of view but also on a social one.


How municipalities can bring their smart city visions to life

Economic development and sustainability are at the core of most of the smart cities' strategies. If they want their cities to actually help improve the lives of their residents, they have to explore different funding options and intelligent infrastructure upgrades.


Is Inclusive smarter than Smart?

In response to the threat of growing inequities, global organizations should rethink who the cities should be made for and how it should be done in order to solve this complex challenge and make the smart cities of the future really inclusive.


Beware of these unintended harms of Smart Cities

If one is not cautiously implementing new smart city technologies or methods without consideration of unintended consequences can diminish their social impact. Leaders must acknowledge the possible practical implications of smart cities.


Improve Government With Algorithms - Without Politicians

Algorithmic governance is a radical, digital reimagining of government centred on computerized processes. Algorithmic government may sound far-fetched, but it is already happening in smaller, more localized ways.


Innovation Nation: How smart cities may be too smart for their own good

In the next few decades, powerful technological forces will transform the global economy. Large multinational companies have jumped out to a headstart in the race to succeed, and Canada runs the risk of falling behind.


Winning the smart cities challenge with equity, inclusion

The  winner of the Smart Cities Challenge will likely be the city that best aligns technology, efficiency and equity, while not losing sight of residents.


Without a critical approach to big data it risks becoming an increasingly sophisticated paradigm for coercion

A central issue in knowledge creation today is the pervasiveness of quantification. The ability to quantify has become so embedded in the discourse of “innovative knowledge production” as to constitute an epistemic virtue.


City of Markham continues its digital strategy with Your Voice Markham

The online engagement platform is a new avenue for the city to unveil project plans as well as for citizens to voice their opinions and ideas for projects, submitting opinions and ideas to be viewed publicly.


How will Ottawa build a successful digital government?

If the government of Canada is going to reimagine its service relationship with citizens, it has to make key changes to how the public service works.