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The pandemic doesn’t have to be an existential threat to mass transit

In countries that have committed to supporting public transport, advocates express confidence that systems will continue to provide decent service and adapt to the needs of a post-pandemic world.


A better way: Can urban transit systems bounce back from the pandemic?

COVID-19 has been an existential crisis for communities that aren’t commuting like they used to, and even after the pandemic subsides, people will still be wary of enclosed spaces and crowds – unless officials can make the case that their trains, buses and ferries are safe.


The resilient city: Why Canadian metropolises will thrive despite the pandemic

Urban dwellers have been fantasizing about escaping to the suburbs and countryside since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. But while the virus is reshaping our cities, they will still be centres of growth and vibrancy in the years to come.


What we learned about traffic crashes in Edmonton

Jessica Lamarre is the Director of Traffic Safety, for the City of Edmonton. It’s her team’s job to help get the condolences down to zero. They’re using new data and information to do it.


How self-driving cars will make our cities more charming

As autonomous vehicles are getting a reality, how will they shape our cities ?


Looking for the next battery breakthrough? Think small

As more and more interest is shown in Electric Vehicles (EVs) the full potential of the technology is not quite there yet. A battery still takes an hour to recharge, but this could change in the near future.


The Ups and Downs of Life Without Wheels of My Own

Lessons learned by a journalist who abandoned the usage of her personal vehicle in a car dominated country.


Why we need to reframe the rules of transportation design

Following conventional best practices of street design or enforcement or education is not enough to make streets safer.


Autonomous Vehicle CEO: Believe Me, This Will Be Better For Cities

According to the CEO of an autonomous vehicles company they will be safer than traditional cars.


Advanced traffic management is the next big thing for smart cities

The quest to solve traffic congestion is at the heart of smart cities future.


I Commute from the Suburbs. Is Anyone Thinking of Folks Like Me?

In order to become more incusive, transit service has to be thought through as cities expand.


Solving the mobility puzzle: Portland tests analysis tool based on cell phone data

Using data in order to know how people actually move around the city.


How Washington DC’s ridesharing saves money, reduces congestion

A new ridesharing program set up by the Washington Department of Public Works (DPW) aims to reduce the number of cars on the roads.