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Smart Cities Housing Supply Challenge #UnexpectedSolutions

The most pressing issue in my community is...

public data




affordable housing

at risk youth

public transit



Crisis Response

Building Community Resilience

The Community Solutions Network is committed to help communities across Canada develop resilience and appropriate response to crisis. We continuously monitor the Canadian landscape to bring to you the latest news, content and resources, including data and technology solutions to address the current crisis.

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An Open Smart City is where all sectors and residents collaborate in mobilizing data and technologies to develop their communities through fair, ethical, and transparent governance that balances economic development, social progress, and environmental responsibility.


What's coming up?

Communities with an energy plan have a vision and strategy for local economic development, improved environmental and public health, reduced GHG emissions, climate resilience and much more.

This workshop is open to Indigenous and northern communities, organizations and councils in Canada seeking to develop and implement Community Energy Plans. Communities in this region are increasingly recognized as leaders in the energy sector and community energy initiatives can create steps towards greater energy independence, local economic development, employment, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and other community benefits. The workshop will discuss key barriers Indigenous and northern communities are facing, including community buy-in, developing partnerships and securing funding. The workshop will provide a space to explore solutions through peer-to-peer learning and discussion with Indigenous-based organizations, on key energy projects.

Mark your calendars.

Future Cities Canada Summit will return in a re-imagined format for 2021.

Starting in May, each month you will be invited to come together for one-day online events with city builders across Canada to tackle the pressing issues facing our cities. 

Our monthly event series will open up new conversations that pave the way towards our big finale: A week-long convening in October 13-17, 2021

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Smart Cities Challenge

Gain access to all Smart Cities Challenge applications!

Dive deeper into the smart city projects that communities across Canada are implementing using data and connected technology approaches to advance service area priorities and improve the lives of their residents. Learn more about these innovative ideas and the Smart Cities Challenge here.