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Image: Community event photograph of citizens playing a block game with each other.

A space for collaboration

Ideas, inspiration and action to tackle tough challenges, together

Browse resources, connect with other leaders and see practical examples of smart cities approaches that can help your community thrive.

How To Start

The most pressing issue in my community is...

public data




affordable housing

at risk youth

public transit



Crisis Response

Building Community Resilience

The Community Solutions Network is committed to help communities across Canada develop resilience and appropriate response to crisis. We continuously monitor the Canadian landscape to bring to you the latest news, content and resources, including data and technology solutions to address the current crisis.

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There are many ways to take action

An Open Smart City is where all sectors and residents collaborate in mobilizing data and technologies to develop their communities through fair, ethical, and transparent governance that balances economic development, social progress, and environmental responsibility.

Open Smart Cities Report Card

Get a personalized capacity & knowledge report, at no cost

By completing our self-assessment diagnostic questionnaire, the Advisory Service will provide you with a report card that captures your community-level capacities towards the implementation of open smart cities initiatives and practices. To get a link to the questionnaire, contact our team today.


What's coming up?

During this time, the most pressing issues that cities and communities face – housing affordability, climate change, racial justice, mental wellness, income inequality, access to nature – are intensified.   

We know it is of utmost importance to bring leaders and innovators from across sectors to tackle these issues and share the inspiration and optimism needed to create a more resilient and sustainable future, together.  

Led by Evergreen and hosted by Future Cities Canada, #UnexpectedSolutions is a collaborative platform that harnesses the momentum for change already in progress in cities. By bringing together people, ideas, platforms and innovations from across sectors, we address inequality and climate change, and their impact on our cities.

As a convener, Future Cities Canada is hosting a season of #UnexpectedSolutions. Tap into the tools, workshops, and wisdom from across Canada and around the world. 

2020 is a year of change. This critical work starts with us and within our own organizations.

Smart Cities Challenge

Gain access to all Smart Cities Challenge applications!

Dive deeper into the smart city projects that communities across Canada are implementing using data and connected technology approaches to advance service area priorities and improve the lives of their residents. Learn more about these innovative ideas and the Smart Cities Challenge here.