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How to Start

How to solve challenges using data and technology

Whether you're first learning about smart cities, or tackling a large project, we have the tools and connections you need to succeed.


Get familiar with "smart cities"

Check out the top three ways to dive in and see new ideas

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Open Smart Cities

What is an Open Smart City and how do we talk about it?

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Success stories

See how other communities are solving complex problems

Read case studies
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Access helpful research to get your projects moving

Browse resources

Collaborate and spark new ideas

Get involved with your community and others to generate new approaches in your city

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Collision Days

Meet with municipal agencies or smart city solution providers

Find a collision day near you

Get help implementing your ideas

Get 1-to-1 help to start

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Advisory service

Once you're on your way, you may qualify for Advisory Service to help your city develop an action and learning plan to start your project

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Indigenous communities

Using data and technology is never a one-size-fits-all solution. We help Indigenous communities across Canada face unique needs through tools and events.

Stories of impact
Engagement Strategy

Solutions shape communities.

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