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Design Thinking Module: 4. Ideate

Develop a list of possible solutions with stakeholders

At this point, your team has come up with a precise problem statement based on systems-level research of your challenge statement and interviews with stakeholders. The work you’ve done to date has focused on understanding, rethinking, and defining the challenge.

In Module 4: Ideate, you will review what you know and start to think of possible solutions. Although you might have a potential solution this module will help ensure that the solution you present addresses the concerns of as many stakeholders as possible. At this stage, you are coming up with a bunch of different ideas that could address your problem statement. As you explore and ideate, you may decide to revisit earlier phases to provide new or stronger direction to facilitate this module.

Other modules in this series:

0 - Introduction
1 - Understand
2 - Empathize & Analyze
3 - Define & Refine
5 - Refine & Pitch


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