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Future Cities Canada: A Systems Approach to Urban Innovation

Fostering urban innovation to build the cities of the future

This report explores the four themes of urban innovation - governance, participation, capital and infrastructure - and provides a definition of every one of these items and the way they could be used to foster urban innovation. It takes a step towards sketching out a theory of change that could be used by the Future Cities Canada (FCC) to guide the partners as they design and develop this promising new coalition.

It begins with some general considerations concerning the application of the systems approach to innovation in urban places, and then goes on to describe the four themes identified by the FCC partners as strategically significant areas of change (governance, participation, capital, and infrastructure) and how they are interrelated. For each theme, the report explains why it is important, what is driving change within it, the barriers that are hindering progress, and ideas for focusing the FCC’s efforts in the area.


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