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Smart city 2.0

 How Ottawa is implementing a smart city strategy

The smart city concept and the implementation of smart city strategies has been gaining popularity worldwide. Cities are turning to technology and robust high-speed communication infrastructure, developed and driven primarily by the private sector, to address opportunities and challenges presented by both urbanization and globalization. 

Through smart city strategies, cities are proactively using technology as a means to accelerate economic growth and compete in the global economy; this includes advancing a city’s knowledge-based economy through investment attraction and business expansion, entrepreneurial support, and the development of local talent. It also means providing residents and businesses with efficient and effective municipal services, whether it be through access to services via digital platforms or through the implementation of smart and connected infrastructure. 

Cities that simply implement reactive solutions to economic shifts and that are slow to embrace technological advances and change, risk being left behind and unable to compete in today’s global economy, so Ottawa has to become proactive to maintain its smart city edge. 

Download this report to learn more about how the city of Ottawa decided to tackle these challenges and the opportunities arising in this new context.


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