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The Challenge and Promise of Healthy Smart Cities: Health and Data in the Canadian Urban Landscape

This research brief was produced for the Community Solutions Network, a program of Future Cities Canada. As the program lead, Evergreen is working with Open North and partners to help communities of all sizes across Canada navigate the smart cities landscape.

This report analyzes Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge applications with an eye to the health of cities and residents, revealing that resident health and well-being stood out as a central concern that multiple municipalities were looking to address in a variety of ways. Cities need to embrace partnerships with the private sector for innovation, but should also be wary of what such partnerships can mean for data sharing and data ownership. With new technologies and new partnerships, and equipped with health data, cities can continue to be effective change-makers and improve the quality of life for their residents.

This research brief was written by Andrew Ramsaroop, and is an adaptation of a Masters Research Paper presented to Ryerson University for the Master of Planning in Urban Development, supervised by Dr. Pamela Robinson.


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