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Image: In an academic, group setting, a woman speaks to other peers.


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Data & Technology


Moving Hamilton from Steeltown to Smart City

For Brent Allen and Nick Psaki, cities are ready for a storage transformation and a new infrastructure designed with data in mind.


Indigenous Women in Tech

Most of the time Indigenous women in the tech industry are the only woman in the room and almost always the only Indigenous woman. As they are under-represented in the tech industry Animikii made a list of women who are changing the field.


Visible minorities, Indigenous people concerned about data use in smart cities

According to this article, visible minorities and Indigenous people are more concerned about how their private information is used in the development of smart cities and are more likely to object to the sharing of data with police.


Creating safer cities through improved ID security

Minimizing fraud on ID starts with adding more layers to it such as signature, photo, name which make it harder to forge for criminals. Next step would be to add tactile impression and advanced optically variable devices.


Bridging the Digital Divide in Rural communities

Indigenous students need tangible resources and infrastructures to support them in the acquisition of digital skills, as digital literacy and proficiency in technology will be required to apply to any job in the future.


A right to the digital city

What should a digital city be like? The recommendations include adoption of open standards, ethical use of data and improvement of city services.


We Are Already Experiencing The Rise Of Artificial Intelligence

The more information the computer is given, the better it can learn.It's no coincidence that Facebook suggests which friends to tag in photos, or Amazon recommends certain products.


How Canada got so smart on artificial intelligence

When the robots take over, lots of strange things are going to happen. Possibly the strangest thing of all will be where the robots will be invented. High on the list of likely birthplaces is Toronto.


5 Questions Canadian Businesses Need To Ask About The Internet Of Things

To help understand the impact IoT can have on their industries, here are five questions that every Canadian business should be asking.