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Image: In an academic, group setting, a woman speaks to other peers.


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Education & Engagement


Learning uninterrupted

As technology is making its way in the classroom, networks have to allow learning to go uninterrupted.


A City Planner Makes a Case for Rethinking Public Consultation

Listening to what communities have to say is the key starting point to truly engage with them.


Artificial Intelligence at the service of smart cities v2.0

How conversational artificial intelligence platforms will make cities smarter? This article explores the idea of integrating these new technologies in an ethical way, in order to improve and simplify the life of citizens.


Smart cities can’t exist while there’s a digital divide

How digital inclusion has to be placed at the center of smart cities strategies. Providing equal access to service and digital tools is the solution to benefiting all citizens and making the smart city a truly equitable place.


A city is not a computer

Brain as computer VS city as computer. Urban intelligence involves experience, observation, sensory engagement. We need new models for thinking about cities that do not compute.