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Edmonton tech experts build low-cost network of sensors, make data accessible to residents

Alberta, Canada
Population: 981,280

In Edmonton a group of tech experts are volunteering to create low-cost networks of sensors to gather data flexible and economic for anyone.


Currently, it is big corporations and government that have the most access to data. This low-cost network of sensors aims to make data accessible to Edmonton residents to level the playing field between local residents, big corporations and government.


The technology of the sensors will make it possible to measure and collect data on air quality throughout Edmonton, as well as cyclists and foot traffic.

Making this data accessible to all residents, not just government and big corporations, will enable and empower for local citizens to prove a point in a civic debate or highlight public risks with data.


The data that this network of sensors collects will enable residents and city builders to identify problem areas throughout Edmonton.

The data collected will arm residents and city builders with facts, such as measures of air pollution at street level and knowledge of foot and cyclist traffic, that will enable them to make fact-based decisions to better their city.

[This story is adapted from an article originally written by Elise Stolte for the Edmonton Journal on June 15, 2018]


Cost to test sensor pieces ordered online

1 year

Length of solar panel or battery life to run the sensor

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